Whiteboard... [GLOSSY]

The whitemark white boards have a contemporary design with an elegant frame made from natural aluminium with plastic corners. The boards have a white ceramicsteel surface and are magnetic, easy to write on and ofcourse, dry-erasable

Whiteboard... [MATT] for Writting cum Projection

The white matt surface is ideal for combined use as a writing board/projection screen. This helps combine a photographic image with personal written notes.

The boards are supplied complete with wall fixings.

The right brand in whiteboards...WHITEMARK
Dimensions available :

45 x 60 cm.
60 x 90 cm.
75 x 120 cm.
90 x 120 cm.
120 x 120cm.
120 x 150 cm.
120 x 180 cm.
120 x 240 cm.
120 x 300 cm.

Starterkit :
If you want to get straight down to business on your magnetic white boards, order the starterkit. This kit contains a specially compiled set of accessories for use on the boards. That means that you are thoroughly prepared for a good start.
Fired at +800 degrees.
Non Porous Ceramic Surface.
Wear and Scratch Resistant.
Insensible of chemical & mechanical influences.
Indefinite span of life.
Maintenance free and non fading.
Dry erasable.