What is an RCI Technologies Fuel Purifier?

The RCI Technologies Fuel Purifier is a simple one step unit that removes 100% of the free water and 95% to 98% of dust, dirt, and other normal and natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel. Even today's "clean" diesel fuel will easily become contaminated during transportation and storage. Unlike all other products on the market, the RCI Technologies Fuel Purifier performs this function without use of a replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter element, cartridge, or bowl. By removing contamination immediately before the fuel enters the engine's filter system, the purifier delivers cleaner fuel, (virtually eliminating filter clogging) and therefore greatly extending maintenance intervals.


1) Eliminates all water from the fuel system, thus avoiding time consuming breakdowns while preventing the formation of damaging sulfuric acid.

2) Removes all solid particles from the fuel system, including oxides, dirt, rubbish, and all other impurities with a density greater than that of the fuel itself.

3) Preheats the paraffin contained in all fuel, providing superior lubrication of the entire fuel system including the injector pump, injectors and cylinder walls. (Heater-optional part)




Reduces down time.
Extends the life of the injection pump and the injectors.
Extends the life of the primary filter.
Protects and extends the life of the engine.
No internal or external parts requiring service or replacement.

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Contaminated diesel removed by RCI Fuel Purifier