Centri Air Precleaners by BEST-EX INC

Extends Air Filter Life up to 6X!

Increases Engine life and performance

Compatible with all air filter systems

High Efficiency, Low Restriction, Maintenance free

Lifetime Warranty!

How CENTRI Precleaners cut costs!
1) Dirty air enters the CENTRI which is clamped onto your equipment's air intake pipe.
2) Specially designed vanes, curved and angled to direct air flow, move the dirty air toward the stainless steel impeller.
3) The dynamically balanced, spinning impeller creates tornado inside the rust-proof, shatter-proof housing.
4) The centrifugal force of the tornado expels the heavier-than-air dirt particles, chaff, dust, snow, sand, fly ash, etc., out of discharge louver.
5) Cleaned air enters the engine intake pipe, and the filter element has only the very light particles to remove.

THE Results?
Cleaner Air for your Equipment!
Longer Filter Element Life!
Increased Engine Life!
Increased Engine Performance!
Reduced Operating Costs!

The CENTRI is:
Proven effective
Maintenance free
Easy Installation
All weather operation
Unlimited mounting positions
Lifetime Warranty

Ideal For:
Construction Mining Quarry Forestry Agriculture Gensets Pneumatic Blowers Snow Removal Highway Maintenance Landfill Equipments like Dozers Graders, Excavators Pavers Compactors Crushing & Screening machines Compressors Loaders and many more.