Acrylic Car Frames

Diviniti house brings you Car Frames to make your travelling smooth and fulfilling. Set in acrylic frame and in Swiss Technology 24carat gold plated foil, these frames are like delicate ornaments for your car!
Like the reflections of the moon that effortlessly appear in any body of still water, a Buddha's emanations spontaneously appear wherever living beings' minds are capable of perceiving them. Of all the ways in which a Buddha helps living beings, the supreme way is by emanation as a Spiritual Guide.
Embodied in a classy Swiss Technology 24carat gold plated foil and embedded in acrylic frame, these car frames are a stylish way to start your journey, also making them a perfect gifting option and for personal use!

Metallic Car FramesAcrylic Car Frames MDF Car Frames
Durga - ACF Ganesh - ACF Lakshmi Ganesh - CF
AFCR-Mohammed (SAW) - ACF Cross - ACF Ek Omkar - ACF
Ganesh - ACF Guru Gobind Singh - ACF Gurunanak and Guru Govind Singh - ACF